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Stop Reckless Driving

Every year, approximately 250 New Yorkers are killed and 4,000 are seriously injured in traffic crashes. Sign the petition to help end reckless driving and save lives in NYC.

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Stay Updated on Amazon

In November 2018, Amazon announced its intent to build one of its HQ2s in Long Island City, Queens, after receiving $3 billion in tax subsidies from New York State and City, a helipad, and a boutique process that avoids NYC's local land-use review procedure. Sign up to stay updated on what's happening with Amazon, and some of the ways the City Council may be able to fight back.

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Bring Ranked Choice Voting to NYC

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows voters to rank candidates for office in order of preference, rather than only voting for one candidate. If no candidate achieves greater than 50% of the vote in the initial count, this ranking system allows for an automatic recounting (or “instant runoff”) to determine the winner of the election, based on all voters' order of preferences. RCV has been used successfully in Maine, San Francisco, Minneapolis and across the world -- and it's time to bring it to NYC.


Shape Civic Engagement in NYC

New Yorkers just voted to create a Commission on Civic Engagement to implement citywide participatory budgeting, expand language access at poll sites, and breathe new life into our democracy. Since the Commission has yet to be developed, we want your ideas for what you think it should do. Please sign the petition below to share your thoughts and stay updated on its progress. 


The scientific evidence is overwhelming: we are choking our planet with plastic. Let’s work together to reduce plastic waste and help New York City make the right choice between #PlanetOrPlastic.

Fix the Subways

Our subway system is broken, leaving passengers chronically late, stranded, and even flooded. Sign the #SignalFail petition today and demand a commitment to implement the Fast Forward plan and finally fix the signals.