Brad Lander for NYC

Blue Wave 2018

Blue Wave 2018


Our democracy is facing an existential crisis. Mass child abuse of immigrant kids. The threat to reverse Roe v. Wade, deny reproductive health care, and criminalize abortion. A tax bill that rewards the rich and punishes the poor. Assaults on workers’ rights. Voter disenfranchisement. Attacks on the press. Support for white supremacists.  Constant lies. Systemic corruption. The corrosion of our democracy.

Together, we created #GetOrganizedBK, providing a platform for thousands of Brooklyn residents to come together to stand up for our shared values. Your activism has been extraordinary.

Now, a Democratic majority in Congress is the best defense we have against the Trump Administration’s ongoing madness, corruption, injustice, and bigotry.

The Midterm Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 6th. We need all hands on deck to ensure that a #BlueWave sweeps our state and country.

Do your part to turn this #BlueWave into a reality. Sign up below to volunteer to knock on doors, make calls, send texts, fundraise, and get out the vote with me this fall.