Brad Lander for NYC

Reduce the amount of single-use plastic in NYC

Planet or Plastic?


The scientific evidence is overwhelming: we are choking our planet with plastic, one plastic bag, styrofoam container, straw, and bottle at a time.

We can significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we throw away in NYC. Earlier this year, we celebrated a big win when NYC was finally able to ban styrofoam.

In 2016, the City Council passed my bill to charge a fee for single-use plastic bags, shown in other cities to be an extremely successful way of reducing plastic waste. Unfortunately, in 2017, Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature killed my legislation. As a result, we continue to send 10 billion single-use plastic bags to landfills every year.

Together, we can take critical next steps in this fight. Let’s work together to reduce plastic waste from single-use plastic bags, straws, water bottles, and more.

If you want to help New York City make the right choice between #PlanetOrPlastic, sign the petition below.