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Ranked Choice Voting

Let’s Bring “Ranked Choice Voting” to NYC

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What is Ranked Choice Voting?

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows voters to rank candidates for office in order of preference, rather than only voting for one candidate. If no candidate achieves greater than 50% of the vote in the initial count, this ranking system allows for an automatic recounting (or “instant runoff”) to determine the winner of the election, based on all voters' order of preferences. RCV has been used successfully in Maine, San Francisco, Minneapolis and across the world. More details here.

Why do we need Ranked Choice Voting in NYC?

  • Stronger majority support for those elected.

  • Higher voter turnout.

  • Less negative campaigning.

  • Eliminates costly, low-turnout runoffs.

  • More diverse candidates.

  • Stops disenfranchising military & overseas voters.

Want to help bring Ranked Choice Voting to NYC?

Start by signing the petition to the 2019 NYC Charter Revision Commission!