Brad Lander for NYC

We need a REAL F express, not cuts to local service

REAL F Express, not cuts to
local service


The MTA announced that they are planning to run two F trains making express stops only during morning and evening rush hours starting in September. This is not a real F express, these four daily express trains will only harm local riders.

We would be delighted to see a real F express train, with no cuts to existing service - one that brings twice as much train service to all of our neighborhoods and actually meets the stated goal of accelerated service for southern Brooklyn.

The MTA’s plan adds no new train service whatsoever. Instead, it simply eliminates some amount of service during rush hour at six local stations that already experience significant, and at times dangerous, overcrowding. It doesn’t even help people in southern Brooklyn get to work quicker: with only two new express trains during rush hours at unpredictable times, no one will be able to count on leaving for the station later and reliably catching an express train. 

The MTA is dressing this up as adding as speeding up service for southern Brooklyn, but we know the truth. This is simply cutting service. Rather than pitting riders against each other and polarizing the F train community, the MTA needs to expand local service, as they add accelerated service.

Join me in calling on the MTA to implement a REAL F express, one that adds accelerated service for southern Brooklyn WITHOUT cutting service for local stations.  Sign the petition to the MTA below.