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Why I'm Joining the Women's March Today

I’m in Foley Square for the Women’s March this morning, along with my daughter Rosa, my Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, friends at Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and many more.

Like many of you, I’ve read more Op-Eds & articles on this year’s Women’s March than any other protest event I can remember (including two discussion guides & at least one new ritual). You probably don’t want to read any more about it -- and I know for certain you don’t need to read something about the women’s march written by a man. So: please feel entirely free to ignore this post entirely. But given the controversy, I thought I should explain my choice for constituents asking about it.

Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you’ll use it as an opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of the Women’s March 2017 and the extraordinary possibilities of its rage and hope, to remember how terribly far we have to go to deliver a world of genuine equality for & with our daughters (all of whom deserve it), to think about how we build organizations and relationships that model the principles of that more equal world, and to recommit to activism in the coming days that will help us get there.

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Annie Levers
How “Ranked Choice Voting” can improve NYC’s elections.

NYC’s current voting laws mean that most of the time, candidates win primary & special elections without majority support. They require high-cost, low-turnout runoff elections for citywide offices. They encourage negative campaigning. And they disenfranchise military & overseas voters (since the Board of Elections can’t get them ballots in time for runoff elections).

There is a simple fix to all these problems: Ranked Choice Voting

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Annie Levers