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Six Years After Sandy

Six years ago (on a blustery Saturday like today), Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. What New Yorkers did together in the days afterward — in the Rockaways & Red Hook, in the shelters at John Jay HS & the Park Slope Armory — remains the most extraordinary example that I’ve ever seen of our ability to come together, across lines of difference, to take action in support of each other … of the radical potential of organized compassion.

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#PlanetOrPlastic: Foam Wars

I know how much you care about the environment, so I wanted to share with you a recent Politico article that highlights an ongoing #PlanetOrPlastic battle: can we effectively recycle polystyrene foam (aka styrofoam)?

The answer is no. But don’t just take my word for it. The New York City Department of Sanitation, after a two-year exhaustive study, concluded that styrofoam could not be recycled in an economically efficient and environmentally feasible manner. Environmental groups agree: It will wind up in landfills, where it will remain, literally, forever.

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